Water temperature: 23 oC


Water ski

It's the easiest way to learn water skiing on combo skis; you could need just a few minutes to manage it.

Many advanced water skiers prefer to use one ski. One water ski allows you to track much faster across the wake. Water skiing on one ski is called slalom skiing. The course for a slalom race is set up with buoys spread out on both sides of the boat path. The skier must get around every buoy.

You can do water ski racing at speeds more than 100 mph (about 160 km/h).

Barefoot water skiing is the same every way as regular water skiing, without using the water skis.
It is not easy to water ski on bare feet, it takes a lot of practice. You also need to wear a special wet suit to protect your body from water friction.

Trick skiing is about finding out how quickly a water skier can do fancy stunts without losing control and falling into the water. A trick ski is a shorter, lighter water ski shaped so it can go either forward or backward.

There are some more very interesting variations to the original sport of water skiing, like kite skiing, para-skiing, knee-boarding, kite boarding, wake skating, wakeboarding e.t.c.