Water temperature: 23 oC


Hydro suits

Hydrosuit keeps the body warm and enhances the feeling of comfort. It protects you from chilly water, sun, and wind. Hydrosuit also helps absorb the impact against the water when you fall. Suits may differ depending on the use (for surfers, personal watercraft riders, divers, motorboat drivers etc.). There are „wet”, „semi-dry”, and „dry” suits.

„Wet” and „semi-dry” suits are elastic, made of porous material neoprene. The water slowly soaks into the pores, warms up near the skin and does not let the cold water get there; therefore it is better if the suit is tightly fitting. Advisable thickness of neoprene suits is: 0–10 °C = 6–7 mm, 10–17 °C = 4-5 mm, 17–22 °C = 2-3 mm.

„Dry” hydrosuit is often made of oilskin nylon or other durable material. Special seams, hand, neck, and leg sealing as well as water-tight zipper deny water access to the body. Under the suit you can wear warm underwear not let the cold nylon touch the skin. The suits can be combined with special gloves, socks, and hoods.