Water temperature: __ oC


Season will open in May..


Here you can ride on water skis and wakeboard.
Lessons for beginners and all level riders, children and adults.
About 98% of our beginner students are able to ride after just one lesson!

You also can enjoy wake skate, knee board, wake skis, hydrofoil (Sky Ski)

Many people are held back by a wrong assumption that water skiing is difficult to learn and demands great physical strength. If you can squat and stand up by yourself on the land, you are able to water ski and wakeboard, too!

You are a poor swimmer or don't know how to swim at all? It's not a problem, a life jacket is compulsory when you are on the water!

Enjoy accommodation at a 4* hotel / Restaurant / Bar / Terrace .
More: car parking, volley ball, playground for children, fishing, SPA.

Under-age persons need a written consent of their parents to do water skiing and other activities. Printable Consent (PDF)



Our instructor Lauma boarding
Video with agency "Travel Out There":