Water temperature: 23 oC


Mono ski

Boat speed 16–36 mph (25–58 km/h).

Slalom ski is used by the experienced skiers. There are different types of skis designed for beginners, recreational style skiers and for sportsmen. Size of the ski depends on the skier's weight and the boat speed. A wider ski is more stabile and better for learning process.

Bindings are usually tighter than on combo skis. It increases ability to control the ski. Loop or closed-type binding is used for the back-placed foot. The latter provides better control although it is less convenient when starting the ride.

Skiing technique differs from that on the twin skis. Riding is much more dynamic, it gives more sense of freedom. Waves cause less trouble because the ski lies deeper and the skier stands right on it. The weight is distributed equally on both legs; the body stands straighter than on twin skis.

While one learns riding a single ski, the ride usually starts on two skis and one of them is “dropped” during the ride. Later you can learn how to start from the bank or water on a single ski.

Start on a slalom ski.