Water temperature: 23 oC


Sky Ski

Boat speed 12 – 30 mph (19 – 48 km/h).

What is Hydrofoiling?
It's riding on a mono-ski with a submerged wing (hydrofoil) and a seat. The foil works like a wing of a plane and allows for easy changing the depth and direction, riding on the surface or jumping out of the water. The ski is universal and suits practically every rider. This sport is suitable also if one's ability to move the legs is limited or a person has had injuries that may not allow riding water skis or wakeboard. Riding is so easy you can do it an hour without stopping or when the water is too rough for wakeboard or skis. Jumping does not require the wake made by boat.

What's pleasant:
Unusual feeling of freedom and flying.
Rapid progress you can feel with every ride for at least the first month.
Beginner's first tumbles do not hurt because the speed is rather low.
It's not tiresome to ride.

What's less pleasant:
The weight of the ski; it's about 10–18 kg.
The size of the ski. Usually you have to disassemble it to put in the car (it takes 1–2 min).
Minimum depth of water for riding is 2 m.

Tips how to learn hydrofoiling