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EZ Ski Trainer
First skiing experience for kids 3 - 7 years, weight up to 30 kg.
O'Brien Wakestar 116 cm
For beginners 5 - 9 years old, weight up to 40 kg.
O'Brien Amigo Junior 135 cm
For light riders (up to 70 kg). Tunnel under the ski makes starts easier and ride very stabile. Bindings 32 - 40.
O'Brien Celebrity Junior. 147 cm
Sized down adult skis for young riders. Sit deep in the water, good also in rough water.
O’Brien Vortex Combo   166 cm
Very wide front helps with the starts, good skis for beginners and heavier riders.
O'Brien Vantage 173 cm
Good skis for any water conditions.
Sea Doo mono ski.
Very easy to ride, easy to turn. Good for beginners and intermediate level riders. Speed up to 28 mph (45 km/h).
Kidder Ex 65 “
Deep tunnel gives good stability and control. Bindings: KD Cinch Comp XS (39–40) and RTP, for riders 40–75 kg.
KD Evolution 67 “
Hybrid construction combining competition and wide ski Bindings: KD Axcess L-XL (43-47) and RTP. For roders 60–90 kg.
KD 7000 CG   65"
Carbon composite. Two Cinch Comp L (44-46) boots. Competition ski with extremely good handling in the turns.
HydroSlide Hoppers Wake Skis  103 cm
Skis for jumps and tricks. Bindings 38 - 46, for riders up to 100 kg.
O'Brien Vision 121 cm
Bindings: O'Brien Nomad (36-41). Fast and stabile board. For riders 20–55 kg    
Liquid Force Search 135 cm
Bindings: CWB Mobe L-XL (38-42). Very forgiving bord for beginners, riders 35–80 kg    
O'Brien Vision 126 cm
Fast board with a stabile pop and soft landing, 4 integrated fins. Bindings: O'Brien Xenon (36-38). For riders 25 - 60 kg
CWB Absolute 135 cm
Bindings: O'Brien Access (37-41).
Width 43 cm, Rocker 7.4 cm, for riders up to 75 kg.
Hyperlite Premier 140 cm
Bindings: O'Brien Link (44-47).
Width 42 cm, Rocker 7.1 cm. For riders 70 kg and up, high skill level.
Jobe Insight 139cm
Bindings: Hyperlite Split STD (39-45)
Width 42 cm, Rocker 6.6 cm. For riders 60 - 100 kg.
Very fast and easy controlled board, for medium and high skill level.   
Jobe wake skate 114 cm 
Give freedom to your feet!
O'Brien Airageous knee board
Easy to start and ride, do tricks or carve.
HQ Striker knee board
More sporty kneeboard model 
O'Brien 2 Daloo inflatable
Fun rides for teenagers and adults.
O'Brien Turmoil 2 inflatable
1 or 2 riders, up to 150 kg.
Sky Ski LE hydrofoil
High level hydrofoil good for jumps and tricks.