Water temperature: 20 oC



Ride behind a boat  (1 set up to 10 min.) -  20 €  (additional time 2 €/min.)
Ride on water skis, wakeboard, wakeskate, kneeboard. 

Ride on a hydrofoil Sky Ski (1 set up to 15 min.) -  35 €  (additional time 2 €/min.)

Lesson with an instructor  (20 - 30 min.) -  30 €
Onland & water activities for safe and easy learning how to ride water skis, monoski, wakeboard. For beginners we use a special equipment that helps to learn quicker. We also teach tricks on the wakeboard.

Fun ride on an inflatable  (up to 6 min.) -  15 €    (additional time 2 €/min.)
Inflatable carries 1 or 2 persons.

Excursion around the lake (up to 5 persons)  -  30 €

Rent a boat time  -  100 €/h
With a driver. Excursions, rides on water skis, wakeboard, inflatable.

Gift card - the price depends on you.

Regular trainings - program of the lesson, time and payment are made individually for each rider.

 Life jacket, helmet, wetsuit & inventory is included.

This season cash only, no cards accepted!