Water temperature: -- oC


Combo skis

Boat speed 15 to 25 mph (24 - 40 km/h).

People usually start water skiing on combo skis. It is so easy to learn to ski with them that anyone who wants to can do it.

The size of the skis is chosen depending on the skier's weight and the skiing speed. Twin skis have easily adjustable rubber or synthetic material bindings, which hold the feet strongly enough when skiing and easily releases in case of falling. One of the skis usually has an additional loop binding if somebody wants to ski on a single ski.

Most common beginners' mistakes when starting :
a) not bending their knees, not holding the knees against the chest;
b) not keeping the skis parallel, they get too far apart;
c) drawing hands close to the chest;
d) standing up too early when the boat has not gained required speed yet.

Start on two skis