Water temperature: 23 oC


Safety rules

1. Always wear a floatation device that fits properly and will not slip off.

2. Do not ski and do not swim if you have used alcohol or drugs.

3. Give the signal to start only after the driver has removed the slack from the rope and you are ready.

4. Never put any part of your body through the handle and do not wrap the line around you in any way.

5. Never ride in shallow water or in an area where there may be obstructions above or just beneath the surface.

6. When a fall is inevitable, try to fall backwards or to either side. Close your mouth and eyes and release the handle.

7. If you fall in an area where there is boat traffic, lift one ski or end of wakeboard out of the water as a signal to other boaters. Be ready to swim to the side.

8. Know and use the skier hand signals.

9. Ski only during daylight, from sunrise to one-half an hour before sunset.

10. Do not ride near docks, pilings, bridge, bank, other boats, or swimmers. Always keep your eyes looking ahead of you so you see what is coming.

11. Warm-up and stretch before the ride.

12. Stop riding before excessive fatigue sets in.