Water temperature: 20 oC



Boat's speed 12-24 mph (19-39 km/h).

Riding wakeboard  is similar to snowboarding but falling into water is less risky for injuries. When riding, weight is distributed equally on both feet, the body is straight, legs flexible in the knees, the handle is on the hip level.

Wakeboard models depend both, on the rider's weight and skills. Beginners' equipment forgives mistakes better. Bindings also should be chosen according to the rider's skills. Boards for cable parks are more durable.

How to start a wakeboard ride.
When in the water, put the board perpendicularly to the boat; a handle is close to the board. Both palms are turned down, elbows straight, knees bent. When the boat starts, pull the board to you and dip it under your body into the water (squat on it). In this position wait while the boat pulls you to the surface and only then stand up and turn the board in the direction of riding. If the board is perpendicularly to the boat's direction, it is much easier for a beginner to distribute the weight equally on both feet. When starting, the speed is low and even big fins do not cause trouble sliding on the board crosswise.

Most common beginners' mistakes when starting :
a) standing up too soon when the board has not gained enough speed and lift;
b) pushing on legs in the very beginning, leaning too far back, keeping board on the surface - creating a big wave and acting as an anchor;
c) trying to turn the board in the riding direction while it is under the surface.

World champion DEAN LAVELLE at Riga: